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Traditional Chinese Herbal Formula for Reproductive Health

Traditional Chinese Herbal Formula has been both a science and art for over 5,000 years. These are plant-based formula therapy. The therapeutic qualities of Chinese herbs have been researched and studied in-depth, resulting in a vast  with hundreds of years of empirical use. The use of traditional Chinese herbal formula around the world has grown exponentially as its benefits have become more widely known. 

We use following chinese Herbal formula in tea and pill form:

1. Return to spring

2. Shen Ling Baizhu Pian

3.  Four Gentlmen

4.  Wu zi Yan Zong Wan

5. Xiao Yao Wan

6. Wen Jing Tang

7. Shou Tai Fang

8. Yang Yin Zhongyu Fang

9. Angelica Root

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