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 Reproductive Health Support   
By Yun Brown, PhD. LAc  

As we all know the IVF  with acupuncture Reproductive Health Support, the IVF success rate can be increased. Some people have tried IVF several times, but were not successful. This situation can be explained in Oriental Medicine:
If our bodies have Yin-Yang imbalance, conception can be difficult to occur.

If a WOMAN’s body has Yin- Yang imbalance she may suffer a high FSH, irregular ovulation, poor condition (quality) of her eggs, low level of female hormone, small uterus, etc. 

If a MAN’s body has Yin-Yang Imbalance, he may suffer a low sperm count, low quality sperm, and abnormal motility of sperm, autoimmune disorder.

Oriental Medicine is one of the oldest healing methods in the world. Oriental Medicine has addressed women’s health issues for centuries.Yin-Yang is a cycle of nature. By improving the body’s Yin-Yang balance, it will increase sexual energy, improve the ovarian function, increase blood flow to uterus, decrease stress, and strengthen the immune system. Thus it creates better chances to succeed in IVF. Oriental Medicine tells us that sexual energy is ruled by “essence of the kidney”. Because of stress and other related reasons, the “essence of the kidney” begins to decline.

Reproductive Health Support Therapy is to tonify the deficient of the essence and build it up. According to the theory of Yin-Yang balance, the menstrual cycle can be divided into four (4) phases:
In Phase one and two (menstrual cycle days 1 - 13): The healing goal is to enhance the ovarian function, by treating high FSH, no ovulation, poor quantity of follicles, and low estradiol (female hormone).
In Phase three and four (menstrual cycle days 14 - 28): 
The healing goal is to enhance the uterus function, by treating low progesterone, short period cycle, thin uterine lining, and miscarriage,

If a man has a low sex drive or impotence, he may suffer from a deficient kidney's Yang. Also low sperm count, ejaculate readily are related to his deficient kidney’s Yin.

Kidney’s Yin and Yang dual deficiencies are a part of a complicated disorder.  Reproductive Health Support Therapy with Oriental Medicine has five modalities:
1. Acupressure-Tui Na
2. Acupuncture (ear and body)
3. Chinese Herbal Tonics
4. Asian Special Diet
5  Moxabustion, 
Reproductive Health Support Therapy with Oriental Medicine can 
1 Decrease stress
2 Improve the ovarian function
3 Increase blood flow
4 Strengthen the immune system
5 Reduce the side effects of drugs used in IVF
6 Help to produce better embryos